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by Catherine Monk,

Founder and Principal Designer

Interior design is my chosen art form. Give me a room – empty like a blank canvas or simply an awkward ill-functioning space –  and I will transform it into an enchanting environment full of intrigue with little gems to

inspire awe.


I draw inspiration from all around me, from interesting interiors and buildings to magazine and poster images. Often the latest products can stimulate me, such as a beautiful fabric or wallpaper. Even a light bulb can be exciting thanks to the wondrous developments with LEDs.


However, it is not just the visual world that motivates me, a beautiful memory will be just as powerful a spark for my imagination. I will then aspire to recreate the evocative mood through the arrangement of details and subtle placements of specific objects and furniture, paying special attention to colour hues, tactile fabrics and wallpapers.


Of course, all the imagery and mood of an interior would not be possible without due consideration to practical concerns, such as whether a floor will remain stable when a wall is removed.  This knowledge has been established after decades of practical experience and study.


My first attempts at interior design started in my childhood – with rearranging my bedroom constantly (bordering on an obsession) and decorating the family house. These practical DIY skills continued to be used while working in journalism. I extensively wrote about property as a magazine editor, an expert contributor for The Sunday Times (including editing a book for the paper) and a freelance journalist. Frequently I would appear on national TV and radio commenting on housing issues or offering practical advice. I studied art and its historical context at college and the history of art and architecture at university. Later I studied interior design and took computer

design courses.

Now I work with many trade professionals, artists and craftsmen in the United Kingdom and Italy to bring my artistic intent for an interior to life. My fluency in Italian ensures smooth relations with Italian trades people and that every detail of a project is adhered to.


When I work with clients, I utilise all my knowledge and experience to provide them with an interior suited to their needs. Whether they are owners choosing to enhance their homes or landlords improving their properties either to maximise their rental return or to prepare them for eventual sale.


Each journey is unique. Personally, I know when I’ve succeeded in balancing all the requirements of the client with the desired objective and mood. It’s when the client walks into the room and experiences true contentment – they are then at one with their home. 

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