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Original stools
Chef's island
Unique lighting
Bespoke desk
Bathroom detail
Contemporary bathroom
Mirror detailing
Distinctive lighting
Contemporary chandelier

Our client wanted to remodel and restyle this Victorian house in Hampton Court to better suits their needs. They chose a contemporary look to replace the existing 1980s finish.

We removed superfluous dividing walls to create large, open spaces and totally restyled every element of the house to present a modern, contemporary home in a Victorian structure.

A challenge was the kitchen. The existing galley kitchen was small and awkward. The access was via small steps to a lower sun room, which were potentially dangerous especially for those carrying hot dishes. Instead the client wanted a large kitchen that reflected her love of entertaining.

So, we expanded the space by removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room. This enabled an island with hob to be incorporated in the design, allowing the cook to socialise with her guests while preparing food.

To create more storage, we closed off the original entrances to the kitchen. Now the access is via the dining room.

For safety concerns and aesthetics, we ensured the interlinking rooms were at the same level, even with the installation of underfloor heating.

The client is thrilled with the huge space and loves the fact that there are no longer any changes in levels to negotiate between these principal rooms. 

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